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[mod post] Signups

Signups are officially closed!

Thanks for signing up! Please remember to check the email address with which you signed up. Assignments will go out by email by May 20th!

I know it's a few days early, but here are the signups!

This post is for signups only; please direct your questions to the mods or the comments on the rules post. Please refrain from commenting on others' signups as it clutters up the comments.

The signups are open until May 14th at 11:59 pm PST. You're welcome to edit your signup between now and then, just make sure that it says what you want it to say before signups close.

Once again, please double check that you're read the rules before commenting!

Here is the signup form. Please read the explanation of how to fill out each segment. You must fill out all parts of the signup form unless they're listed as "optional." If you have any questions about the signup form or how to fill it out, please contact the mods at hosummer[dot]mod[at]gmail[dot]com.

How to sign up:

DW Username: Your username on DW.
Username on other SNS (optional, as many as apply): If you're well known as something else around the internet, please list those here! Other SNS may include LJ, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. If your DW differs greatly from whatever you go by on other media, people might not recognize you!
Archive (optional): A link to your fic archive.
Link to a Ho! Summer rules compliant fic: A link to a fic that is over 1,000 words, beta-read, and rated R or NC-17.
Email: Your email address; please use one that you check frequently!
I verify that I am at least 16 years of age: A simple "yes" or "I am over 16 years of age" is fine.

Pairings and Groups I’d like to write: Please give us at least 3 pairings and preferably more than one group.
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to write: You are also welcome to write things you absolutely don't want to write here.

Pairings and Groups I’d like to receive: Again, please give us some variety or else we will have trouble finding a writer for you.
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to receive: The more info you give here, the better your writer will be able to fulfill your wishes!
Anything you DON’T want to receive?: Please be as detailed as possible here! We don't want anyone accidentally getting a fic with aspects they don't like. And please remember to be respectful and avoid words like "weird" or "gross."

Prompt (optional): List one general, non group-specific prompt, if you like! Example: "Group member A wants to confess to member B, but C keeps interrupting."

Pinch hit?: Are you willing to pinch hit in case someone cannot finish their fic, yes or no
Beta read?: Are you willing to beta read someone else's fic, yes or no

Anything else? You're welcome to give a greeting, tell any extra details, or just put a gif here.

Please copy and paste this form into the comments:

Remember that the deadline for fics is June 24th at 11:59 pm PST, so if you're moving house or will be swamped with exams that week, please submit your fic early!

Please share the link to these signups with anyone you think might be interested! Happy requesting!
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[personal profile] mousapelli 2017-04-27 11:39 pm (UTC)(link)
DW Username: [personal profile] mousapelli
Username on other SNS (optional, as many as apply): Mousapelli everywhere! (Twitter, LJ, Gchat, etc)
Archive (optional): Kira-Kira.net or on Ao3
Link to Ho! Summer Rules Compliant fic: Best Jeanist (Fujigaya/Kitayama)
Email: mousapelli at gmail dot com
I verify that I am at least 16 years of age: yes indeed

Pairings and Groups I’d like to write: Kis-My-Ft2, SixTONES, or Snow Man would be my first choice, could do any pairings for those. If necessary I could do ABC-Z (any pairing), Prince (Genki/Jinguji), I'm basically familiar with a lot of popular jrs (Yasui, Sanada, etc).
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to write: I do best with humor, slice of life, real canon stuff. I can do AU but I don't prefer to. I can do either first time, get together, or established fic, anything goes there. I don't usually care who tops if the requester has a preference, but having people switch is a thing I do often. I'm fine for OT3, OT4, group orgy, whatever. I'd rather not do anything especially dark, angsty, ugly love triangle, definitely nothing nonconsensual. Some light kinks are fine (tying up, teasing, dirty talk, getting a little rough/possessive, biting) but I can't go much harder than that.

Pairings and Groups I’d like to receive:
SixTONES (esp JuriShin, HokuTai, or HokuJe, but honestly all pairings are fine up to OT6. Hokuto sandwiched between any two other group members.)
Snow Man (DateNabe or Iwamoto/Sakuma, but any pairings are fine all the way up to OT6)
Kis-My-Ft2 (MiyaTama, WattaTai, NikaSen, Kitayama/Senga, but any pairings are fine all the way up to OT7)
ABC-Z (Hasshi/Tottsu or Kitayama/Tottsu only, although group orgy would be all right, or sticking Kawai into either of those pairings would be fine)
I'd give you a free pass for pretty much any EbiKisu combination, or any SnowStones combinations. You could also throw Yasui into any SnowStones combination.

Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to receive: Almost any kind of relationship status is fine: getting together, first times, super established, group orgy for fun, anything. Bungling or hilarity in hookup fics is great, like dates gone bad, bandmates interfering, sex that doesn't go as planned. For established, people being super comfortable together, like on a lazy day off, or being desperate after not spending any time alone for a while, or inviting a third person or another couple to play or swap in or somebody watching. Humor and flexibility is good, having close friends to talk problems out with, senpai and kouhai going out together or being close, intergroup friendships and closeness (or terrible sex advice, either way).

For the sex itself, I like a lot of stuff: kissing, making out, hair pulling or petting, rimming, blowjobs, foreplay that borders on teasing, staying somewhere they can be loud, biting or marking is fine, if both people are safe/clean I don't care about condom vs no condom, getting totally messy, sharing a person, one person needing ALL the attention from the rest of the group, someone being told how good/pretty/amazing they are. I'm not the MOST into public sex, but stuff like dressing rooms, backstage, hotels, cars is all fine.

Anything you DON’T want to receive?: I'm not the hugest AU fan (including genderswap), but if you have a really good idea, don't let that stop you. Specifically I will name ABO as a popular thing that CAN be done with some interesting detail and plot, but if it's just going to be PWP then ehh stay normal. I'm also not hugely into toys, but if it's part of foreplay that's fine. Please no breakup fics or ugly love triangles, or anything super dark or violent. A little angst or tension in the middle is totally fine so long as there's a happy ending.

Prompt (optional): Member A's hair is getting longer and longer and all member B wants to do is get his hands in there and pull it.

Pinch hit?: definitely
Beta read?: if needed

Anything else? I tend to write the kind of stuff I like to read so you can always check out my archive to get the sense of it.
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[personal profile] faded_lace 2017-04-28 05:10 am (UTC)(link)
DW Username: [personal profile] faded_lace
Username on other SNS (optional, as many as apply): [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace
Archive (optional): here on LJ and here on AO3, but sadly they’re both painfully out of date.
Link to Ho! Summer Rules Compliant fic: 恋してタイトいいんじゃない?
Email: mirai dot for dot you at gmail.com
I verify that I am at least 16 years of age: I am over 16 years of age.

Pairings and Groups I’d like to write:
☼ 9-member Hey!Say! JUMP (any pairing except Yamada/Yuto and Yabu/Hikaru)
☼ 4-member NEWS (any pairing)
☼ Drama pairings: Any male character/Eiji [Soshite Dare mo Inakunatta], Yamaneko/Katsumura [Kaito Yamaneko], Tetsuya/Tatsuya, Satoshi/Maya, Yuuki/Makoto [Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou]
☁ I'm not familiar with most Japanese female talents enough to write fic, and I would prefer not to write het.
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to write: I'll try to give you what you're looking for, so long as it's not in my turn-offs! If it's in my "want" section, I can generally write it! Additionally, I'm not bothered by incest or m-preg, so while I don't have much experience with it, if you want it, I can try my hand at it. ^^;

Pairings and Groups I’d like to receive:
☼ 9-member JUMP: Hikaru/Inoo, Yamada/Chinen, Yuto/Keito, Takaki/Yabu, Yuto/Inoo, Yamada/Inoo, Takaki/Chinen … probably more; if you’re curious about a particular pairing, please ask!
☼ 4-member NEWS: Koyama/Tegoshi… but I’d be happy with pretty much any pairing! If you’re willing to write Kusano/Shige for me I’ll love you forever, ahaha.
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to receive:
☼ situations: friends who become more, passage of time (starting from when they were younger/first became groupmates), marriage/domesticity/adopting kids, affairs (where the main pairing are the ones in the affair), established relationships, AUs (as long as you commit to a lot of worldbuilding)
☼ kinks: teasing, oral, unprotected m/m anal sex, coming untouched, voyeurism, sex in a semi-public place, roleplay and/or dressup, loud sex, dirty talk, creative positions/flexibility, vibrators/objects
☼ genres: romance, set in the group's canon past (pre debut or in the group's history, set in the group's canon future (ie 5 years from now), fics set in current canon, canon + ABO (so, they’re still idols, but are also alphas, betas, or omegas)
Anything you DON’T want to receive?:
☁ situations: Het (either the main pairing or any background pairing), violent themes, sexual violence/rape, parental issues/emotional, physical, or mental child abuse, character death of any character, maiming or serious injury of a main character, abusive relationships, any sort of drug use, get togethers
☁ kinks: Bodily fluids other than saliva or cum (or a little blood from biting, etc), pain/inflicting injury, sex without lubrication, feet, any sort of piercing/body alteration.
☁ genres: angst, death

Prompt (optional): A and B pretend to be together both on stage and behind the scenes to hide A’s secret relationship with C.

Pinch hit?: Not this time!
Beta read?: No, sorry!

Anything else? I’m looking forward to this! Yoroshiku!
Edited 2017-04-28 05:19 (UTC)
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[personal profile] thesecretdoor 2017-04-28 03:12 pm (UTC)(link)
DW Username: thesecretdoor
Username on other SNS (optional, as many as apply): I'm thesecretdoor on LJ, AO3 and twitter (@_thesecretdoor)
Archive (optional): Masterpost
Link to Ho! Summer Rules Compliant fic: Feed on Me
Email: knockonthesecretdoor at gmail dot com
I verify that I am at least 16 years of age: I am over 16, a lot over 16 >_<

Pairings and Groups I’d like to write: I'd prefer to write juniors or HSJ, but could write KAT-TUN, NEWS or Kis-my-ft2 if necessary, my preferences to write by group are -
Juniors: any combination of Yasui, Taiga, Juri, Shintaro, Hokuto and Jesse. Myuto with Taiga and/or Yasui.
HSJ: I'd prefer Yamada/Yuto, but would try any seven combinations or Yamada and/or Chinen with Yabu or Takaki.
Kis-my-ft2: Kitayama/Fujigaya
NEWS: Koyama/Shige
Crossovers/non-JE: Taiga/Fujigaya, Yasui/Kitayama, Taiga/Yamada, Taiga/Shirota Yu, Ueda/Taguchi
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to write: I prefer writing angsty or slightly darker fic but I can write happy/fluffy fic too. I’m willing to try writing absolutely any kink apart from poop/vomit related kinks.

Pairings and Groups I’d like to receive: My absolute favourite pairings are Taiga/Yasui, Taiga/Juri and Yamada/Yuto but I like Taiga or Yamada with pretty much anyone! I'd also love any other combination of Taiga/Yasui/Juri/Shintaro/Hokuto/Nakayama Yuma that you can think up, or any HS7/NYC pairings. If you can write non-JE I would really dig Taiga/Shirota Yu or Yamada/Kamiki Ryunosuke
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to receive: Any of the following - sex, blowjobs, handjobs, solo fun, threesomes, moresomes, phone/text/video/cyber sex, frotting, sixtynines, fingering, rimming, facials (Taiga and Yamada have perfect facial faces), snowballing, felching, sex toys, public sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism, cross-dressing (Taiga and Yasui in particular look great as girls), blindfolding, tying-up, teasing or mild pet play. Recently I'm more open to genderswitch and Mpreg. Particular kinks I love – piercings, coming untouched, coming on clothes/furniture, phone sex, teasing/denial, facials and coming in hair, coming too early.
For situations I like canon, AU and anything in between, I like school/college setting, workplace setting, sex industry worker + customer/falling for a colleague, rivals falling for each other, fantasy /supernatural – werewolves, vampires, demons, shape-shifters, telepathy, etc but I'd like a bit of explanation or at least background information on any supernatural stuff (genetic mutations or laboratory experiments are always fun). Romance and fluff and feelings are awesome but if you can't then PWP is just fine, and I love family member/other member appearances, especially if they’re giving advice or being witty.
I also LOVE angst and darkfic - unrequited love, jealousy, love/hate relationships, sexuality issues, emotional or mental instability, stalking, addictions, substance abuse, hurt/comfort, dub-con/non-con and character death is fine so long as it's not senseless.
Anything you DON’T want to receive?: I’m not really a fan of first person POV or excessive crack in fic. No original characters please and I’d prefer no het porn unless it’s genderswitch. For kinks, I’d rather not have anything involving poop/vomit but other than that, let your imagination go wild.

Pinch hit?: If you’re really stuck for a pinch hitter I will
Beta read?: Sure

Anything else? Thank you mods for setting this exchange up!! Exchanges and sequels are my weaknesses >_<
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[personal profile] orangegreenlove 2017-04-29 05:26 pm (UTC)(link)
DW Username: [personal profile] orangegreenlove
Username on other SNS (optional, as many as apply): I'm orangegreenlove on LJ and AO3 too.
Archive (optional): Here!
Link to Ho! Summer Rules Compliant fic: Most of everything on my journal, honestly. It's almost all porn.
Email: orangegreenlove@googlemail.com
I verify that I am at least 16 years of age: Yes, indeed.

Pairings and Groups I’d like to write: 6tones, snowman, Yasui, Hagiya, Sanada. Kisumai. Ebi. Pretty much any and all pairings/threesomes/moresomes with these people. I could do Fuma/Nakaken or Genki/Jinguji if necessary.
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to write: Canon or AU are both fine, though I find it difficult to write plot in canon verse. I'm more likely to write happy, enthusiastic porn though I can do some angst or drama sometimes. Kinks I'm fine with writing most, but I don't do feet, poop/pee play, noncon, and extreme medical/torture kink. Pairings, threesomes, foursomes or orgies are all doable!

Pairings and Groups I’d like to receive:
6tones! Any pairing/moresome, though I especially like Taiga/Jesse, Taiga/Juri, Taiga/Hokuto, Juri/Shintaro, Juri/Jesse, Kouchi/Jesse.
Snowman! Sakuma/Iwamoto, Watanabe/Miyadate, or any pairing/moresome. Combinations of these two groups are awesome too! Especially a full two group orgy would by AWESOME.
Yasui/Hagiya. Yasui with any snowman. Yasui with Juri or Taiga (or both). Yasui/Sanada. Actually, Yasui with anyone at all is good (except Myuto. No Myuto, please).
Genki/Jinguji (and maybe add Kishi in there, or Hirano... or maybe Shintaro or Reia).
Reia with Amu or Shintaro or any other pairing that works.
Kisumai! Yokoo/Nika, Fujigaya/Senga, Kitayama/anyone (as long as Kitayama takes it up the ass, anyone really does mean anyone! Can even be groups/people not mentioned here, original characters, koreans, actresses, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, or a tentacle monster! Kitayama's ass rules!). Any kisumai pairing/moresome is fine, really, though I'd rather not get threesomes or foursomes that include Kitayama/Senga again because I've gotten that like 5 times already XD It's hot, but give some other combinations a chance! Kisumai/ebi or kisumai/juniors is great too, especially Kitayama/Totsuka, Kitayama/Yasui or Fujigaya/Taiga or maybe Miyata/Sakuma.
Ebi! Tottsu/Hasshi, Goseki/Kawai, or any pairing/moresome. Can be combined with kisumai or juniors, especially Hasshi with snowmen.
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to receive: Canon or AU, PWP or plot+porn are all fine with me. Established or get together or casual. Spanking, bondage, nipple clamps, sex toys, long fingers, facials!!!, rimming, rough sex, biting, wall sex, sex in public or semi public places... I like all the things, really. Nice asses, strong thighs, long fingers and moles are some of my favourite things. Switching is good. Messy sex. People getting covered in come. Vampires. Wings. A/B/O. Mpreg (I usually prefer it if the manlier guy is pregnant, so Miyadate rather than Nabesho, for example). Genderswitch (but please, no personality transplant and no submissive women). Yakuza AU. Hooker AU. Swordfighting. Stuff like gun kink is cool too, gun up the ass, hell yeah! Tentacles. Holding down wrists. Kabedon. People getting fucked from behind, either on hands and knees or bent over a table or standing up against the wall.
Banter, friendships, comedy that isn't crack, failed love confessions, bandmates being trouble and all these things are great too. Happy endings are a must, don't want anyone left lonely and sad or anything (doesn't mean everyone has to be paired off, just don't dwell on anyone being oh so horribly sad or anything).
Anything you DON’T want to receive?: Same things I don't want to write: feet, pee/golden showers/watersports, poop/scat, noncon, extreme medical or torture kink, submissive women in genderswitch, issue fic that spends more time on discussing identities than actual porn, unhappy endings, too much angst.

Prompt (optional): A likes to be held down during sex but doesn't know how to tell B he wants that. B figures it out and mindblowing sex happens during which A comes without getting touched.

Pinch hit?: Yes.
Beta read?: No.

Anything else? ♥ Porn porn porn! Porn for everyone! ♥
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[personal profile] yukitsubute 2017-04-30 09:54 pm (UTC)(link)
DW Username: [personal profile] yukitsubute
Username on other SNS (optional, as many as apply): also yukitsubute on Lj :),
Archive (optional): [community profile] sky_no_yuki
Link to Ho! Summer Rules Compliant fic:Dreamwidth
I verify that I am at least 16 years of age: jup, I am 29 - at least till Novmeber :)

Pairings and Groups I’d like to write: Arashi: JunBa and Aimiya but also: Matsumiya (I don't write Sho pairings!!! Not even with Aiba!)
OT3/OT4: All combinations with Aiba - preferably JunBa + Nino (no Sakumoto!!!)
OT5: All combinations, NO Sakumoto and Ohmiya
and Crossover: MatsuKame, AibaKame, RyoKame

Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to write: I can write everything except gore, rape, watersports, breathplay, bloodplay, gunplay. No stereotypes like bratty Nino, stupid Aiba, Diva Jun, no Disco star or any solo related story, no character death, mpreg.
Everything must be consensual. No extreme pain play and punishment

Pairings and Groups I’d like to receive: JunBa, Aimiya,
OT3: Jun/Aiba/Nino, Jun/Aiba/Kame, Juna/Aiba/Ohno
OT4: Jun/Aiba/Nino/Ohno
OT5: of course all of them, preferably following main interaction: JunBa, Aimiya, Matsumiya, Sakumiya, OhBa, Sakuraiba - please NO Sakumoto and Ohmiya interaction!
RyoKame, AibaKame,
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to receive:
- Arashi share their love - all together
- JunBa live in a master/slave relationship
- Petplay
- Dirty talk
- I love balanced characters and I want eceryone to enjoy what they are doing. I prefer the pairing to be together. ;)
You can make it real kinky, but please consensual and even though it's rough sex make them care for each other! :) so I love kinky things with feelings in it. :)
If you make a threesome, please don't make one's heart be broken. :)
- Kinks I really like: Dirty talk, spanking, petplay, bdsm, rough sex, public places, (and I can give you more if those don't fit :D)

Anything you DON’T want to receive?: Everything I excluded in the 'I don't want to write' section :)

Prompt (optional):
- Arashi get together after a long holiday, and they missed each other. :)
- Aiba as DoS - Jun as DoM
- JunBa know about Nino's dark secret: he loves dirty and kinky sex, and they invite him
- Arashi as porn stars
- JunBa get to know each other in a swinger club. Aiba visits the club with his best friend Nino, and Jun with his best friend Ohno...it leads to them having fun together, and with JunBa as pair in the end. :)
- Slight Historical setting: Jun as master with his 'boytoys' Nino and Aiba, or only Aiba...which leads into a relationship in the end, or they are already secretly together.
- A meets B in a 'sex addict self-help group' which ends not in the way it should end.... ;)
- A and B get to know each other online - they experience various kinky stuff together from then on.
- A and B are stuck in a boring relationship. To make everything more exciting, they start meeting for sex on public places.
- Arashi play strip poker - which leads into some kinky time ;)
- A and B live together, and they get a new hot neighbor ...
- Arashi get cursed: they are horny all over the day ...

Pinch hit?: Yes
Beta read?: No

Anything else? yeahhhhhhhhhh I sooooooooo hoped this exchange would start again, thank you ❤❤❤
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[personal profile] lilly0 2017-05-01 12:54 pm (UTC)(link)
DW Username: [personal profile] lilly0
Username on other SNS (optional, as many as apply): I'm basically lilly0 everywhere
Archive (optional): [community profile] yume_to_ame
Link to Ho! Summer Rules Compliant fic: https://yume-to-ame.dreamwidth.org/52952.html#cutid1
Email: littlesnowflake500@gmail.com
I verify that I am at least 16 years of age: yes, I'm much older than 16

Pairings and Groups I’d like to write: Sakumoto or Juntoshi preferred but also Matsumiya and Junba! Sho/Ohno/Jun or Sho/Nino/Jun or Sho/Aiba/Jun
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to write: established, get-together or really just smut with a bit plot. Almost everything going the BDSM direction like punishment, spanking, D/s etc. Basically what I want to receive is what I want to write.

Pairings and Groups I’d like to receive: Sakumoto, Juntoshi, Sho/Ohno/Jun preferred. Though the combination Sho/Nino/Jun and Sho/Aiba/Jun sounds interesting too - just please make Jun the main person!
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to receive:
I would love to read something kinky, so I prefer established relationship over get-together. However, if you can manage to write a fitting get-together thing (like two people getting to know each other over a porn-meet-up-site) it would be more than fine with me!
Here is my kink list: BDSM (like ties or blindfolds), spanking (!) - also with implements like belt, brush etc. (!!) - it can even be on the harder side if you like to, toys, butt plugs, flogging. Ice cubes. Vibrators. Slapping. Nipple clamps, nipple play, half-clothed sex, sex against a wall, sex in the ocean/sea, angry sex, make up sex, slight petplay (and only if it's a smaller part of the story), punishment, holding a difficult or humiliating position, coming in clothes, gags, mirrors, kneeling as a punishment, ass and body appreciation, praising. Bondage/enema/slight painplay/figging and alike are fine too - I haven't read much about it up to now, but if this is something you enjoy to write, go for it! --> in general feel free to ask me whenever you want to know more!
(consensual everything plz.)
Anything you DON’T want to receive?: fantasy/action/suspense/sci-fi/dystopia AU, heavy angst, 1st/2nd person narration, crack, cliché name calling (like the gamer, the diva, the brat), slut-shaming, body-shaming, (shaming someone in general^^), CD, extreme bitchiness, bullying, mpreg, crossdressing/gender switch, non-con, underage, kinks like breathplay, scat, medical kink, torture, golden shower, bloodplay etc. No real damage should be done (mentally or physically!), no mindgames. Any JE member as the villain

Prompt (optional):
- Jun as a BDSM model. Jun/Ohno as his manager/photographer/whatever you see fit
- Jun and x own a porn shop and try out various implements on each other
- Jun is in D/S relationship with x (I would prefer Jun as the S in this situation)
- Jun and x star in a ridiculous cheesy erotic movie and hate the plot.
- Arashi owns a BDSM or erotic magazine
- Jun/Sho/Ohno are in a relationship together
- I haven't read anything alike, so a threesome with two tops, one sub would be interesting (maybe following a D/s-ish relationship prmompt)I think Sho/Ohno/Jun would be quite interesting here! But if that's a no-go for you and you still want to write this prompt: Sho/Aiba/Jun or Sho/Nino/Jun would be interesting too. And I know I'm nitpicking but please write Jun as the sub part.
- Jun/x play a game. Something like spin the bottle, truth&dare - just that it’s about sex

about top/bottom preferences: I prefer Jun as the submissive part - espeically for BDSM and alike settings. But it's more than okay if they switch here and there in your story!
Pinch hit?: Maybe
Beta read?: No

Anything else? Yay, it's been long :D

Edited 2017-05-01 17:13 (UTC)
lady_michiru: (Default)

[personal profile] lady_michiru 2017-05-08 04:50 am (UTC)(link)
DW Username: lady_michiru
Username on other SNS (optional, as many as apply): tw: @lady_michiru lj: lady_aenea
Archive (optional): archiveofourown.org/users/Lady_Michiru
Link to Ho! Summer Rules Compliant fic: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1135254
Email: nimestel@gmail.com
I verify that I am at least 16 years of age: Yes (I am more than twice that age T_T)

Pairings and Groups I’d like to write: Hokuto/Taiga (6tones); Juri/Shintaro (6tones). Yamada/Yuto (HSJ); Chinen/Takaki (HSJ).
-I can try my hand at these but I don't make promises XD: Juri/Hokuto (6tones); Taiga/Juri (6tones); Yabu/Hikaru (HSJ); Daiki/Inoo (HSJ); Takaki/anyone in HSJ and/or Hasshi (ABC-Z). I can also try to write Genki/Jinguji. Again, no promises about it being any good XD But I would try my best.
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to write: I struggle a lot when asked to write detailed plots or to handle too much group interaction. I think I can try my hand at most kinks as long as they are outright consensual and not too painful.

Pairings and Groups I’d like to receive: 6tones: Hokuto/Taiga, Juri/Taiga, Juri/Hokuto, Juri/Shintaro. Taiga/Shirota Yu.
HSJ: Yamada/Yuto (you can sneak Suda Masaki in here too ._.), Chinen/Takaki.
Others: Senga/Kitayama, Ikuta Toma/Yamapi, Hokuto/Nakajima Kento, Kitayama/Tottsu, Hasshi/Tottsu.
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to receive: teasing and begging; awkward first kisses and awkward first times; ties, suits, leather jackets and leather pants; roughness, biting, scratching, a little of hair pulling; bloodplay is okay if it’s not too painful; restraint/light bondage, being held down; sex against the wall, sex over a table; finger licking is a big YES (HELLO TAIGA). KISSES: forehead, on the palm of the hand, all over the body, messy kisses, slow kisses, exploratory kisses… lots of KISSES! :D
Plotwise I LOVE dark and gritty fic, toxic, codependent, or love/hate relationships that become balanced or get better somehow. I am okay with cheating, jealousy, alcohol, smoking, and drug use. I am a sick, sick puppy and therefore the idea of binge drinking or using drugs in order to get over someone appeals very much to me. If vanilla fluff is more your thing, I also love sweet awkward hookups and fluffy confessions. Awkward fluffy sex is one of my favorite generes ever XD

Anything you DON’T want to receive?: No character death and no sad ending, please. No dub/non-con.

Prompt (optional): A doesn't know/doesn't want to accept he is in love with B, until B gets into some type of romantic relationship with C, and A discovers he is jealous.

Pinch hit?: nopes
Beta read?: nopes

Anything else? [insert why are you like this? meme here ._.]
contagious_pages: (hikaru dear)

[personal profile] contagious_pages 2017-05-08 09:28 am (UTC)(link)
DW Username: contagious_pages
Username on other SNS (optional, as many as apply): twitter: @banekicksdavid LJ: sanadas_sanity
Archive (optional): ao3
Link to Ho! Summer Rules Compliant fic: here~
Email: keitoshardlife@yahoo.com
I verify that I am at least 16 years of age: I am over the age of 16

Pairings and Groups I’d like to write: I would really like to write Hey! Say! Jump, and can do nearly every pairing if I tried? I'd really love to write YabuHika, YamaKeito, anything involving Keito really. I prefer not to do any pairings involving Inoo and YutoYama, but I could write the latter if asked. I could also attempt Johnny's West??
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to write: I'm cool with writing in AU or canon fic. I don't mind writing about different kinks like light bondage, dirty talk, blindfolds, etc... I'm cool with trying out most things. I just won't write m-preg, super BDSM things, incest, anything involving body fluids like throw up, blood, etc... (cum is cool), dark/angsty fic, first person POV and genderswitch

Pairings and Groups I’d like to receive:
HSJ: YabuHika, HikaYuto, YabuYama, any Keito pairing, AriYama, HikaYama, TakaChii, Takajima, any weird threesome you can imagine (preferably nno Inoo ;~; I just don't like him in sex fic)
JWest: FujiiKotaki, HamaFuji, HamaKotaki, HamaAkito
Kisumai: YokooFujigaya
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to receive:
Situations: first time, establish pairing, cheating/affair, PWP,
Kinks:Rough sex, light bondage, suits, office sex, sex in public/semi-public areas, sex against a wall, sex on a table, orgasm denial, teasing foreplay, voyuerism, threesomes, dirty talk, blowjobs, hand jobs, phone sex, doggy style, riding, mirrors
Anything you DON’T want to receive?: MPREG, incest, bloodplay, no other bodily fluids besides saliva and cum nothing with throw up, piercings, dark/angsty fic, no first person POV

Prompt (optional):
Porn star AU
A ties B to the headboard and fucks them, lots of torturous teasing
A has a fantasy involving B, C gets to watch
Library sex
Roommates having sex
Getting drunk/tipsy and hooking up

Pinch hit?: Definitely can't
Beta read?: I probably can't

Anything else? [uhhhhh i hope someone can write something with mine....]
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h_itoshi: (Default)

[personal profile] h_itoshi 2017-05-08 09:38 pm (UTC)(link)
DW Username: h_itoshi
Username on other SNS (optional, as many as apply): I'm h_itoshi on lj/ao3 and visualki everywhere else, basically.
Archive (optional): Masterpost
Link to Ho! Summer Rules Compliant fic: Call me, maybe
Email: visualki@hotmail.com
I verify that I am at least 16 years of age: Yes~

Pairings and Groups I’d like to write:
I mostly write Hey Say Jump (Any pairing tbh, even though I mostly write Yamada pairs) or Sexy Zone (mainly Fuma/Kento but as long as it's legal I can do it), but I can write News or Kisumai too if needed. For News any pairing goes, for Kisumai I'd prefer not to write Senga or Yokoo, otherwise we're good. I'm all in for crossovers as long as I know the characters.
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to write:
I generally write plot with porn, and I'm good with both canon and AU as long as it doesn't need me to make up entirely new worlds. I like feelings, but they don't have to be there. I'd prefer not to write angst and depression.
As for kinks, I can do most things, except I'm not very comfortable writing BDSM. The milder versions like tying someone up or being possessive and similar works great though, just not much more than that.
The only unconventional body fluid I'm okay with is blood (bloodplay/knives/guns and similar is perfectly okay). I can also write incest, dub-/non-con if wanted.

Pairings and Groups I’d like to receive: I'm mainly HSJ biased these days, and I'm happiest for any pair including Yamada, Hikaru or Chinen, but honestly I'm not picky.
I am all in for any Sexy Zone pair. I ship everything.
I'd also be happy for Kisumai fic, if it includes Kitayama, Fujigaya or both.
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to receive:
Situations/genres: Build-up/tension that resolves at the end, romance, get together, college AU, any non-idols AU, classy!AU, dirty clubs. Just anything with some kind of plot to go with the porn.
For kinks, I'll just list some things I can think of that I enjoy, but you don't have to feel limited by it. (As long as it's not on my don't list, we're okay): Hair pulling, blowjobs, facial, teasing, mirrors, fingering, hickeys/marks, dirty talk, phone sex, 3-or moresomes, blindfolds. Jealousy that's not unhealthy. I very randomly really like jewellery? Or just something creepy with blood and gory things.

Anything you DON’T want to receive?:
BDSM, ABO, Mpreg, genderswitch. ANGST. I'm totally okay with fights (like a jealousy fight etc) but I need happy endings.

Prompt (optional): Not exactly prompts but if anyone wants to write Fujigaya/Tamamori based on Touch, or anything Yamada/Kento with fangirl!Kento I'll be VERY happy.

Pinch hit?: No
Beta read?: Yes

Anything else? I was happy finding this exchange, thanks for making it happen~ :3
Edited 2017-05-08 21:51 (UTC)
yomimashou: (Aiba: bed)

[personal profile] yomimashou 2017-05-15 03:26 am (UTC)(link)
DW Username: [personal profile] yomimashou
Username on other SNS (optional, as many as apply): [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou
Archive (optional): here on ao3
Link to Ho! Summer Rules Compliant fic: It was only a kiss
Email: my username at gmail
I verify that I am at least 16 years of age: I’m over 16 years of age.

Pairings and Groups I’d like to write:
• Hey! Say! JUMP: Takaki/Yabu, Yuto/Keito, Yamada/Chinen, Hikaru/Inoo are the ones I feel most comfortable writing, but I'm willing to try other 9-member JUMP pairings too!
• NEWS: Koyama/Tegoshi, Kusano/Shige
• Dramas: Yamaneko/Katsumura [Kaito Yamaneko], Tetsuya/Tatsuya, Satoshi/Maya, Yuuki/Makoto [Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou]
• Other groups/pairings I’ve written in my archive are also possibilities if need be!
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to write: I'm willing to try my hand at a lot of different things, and especially anything listed in my "want to read" section! I almost always write established relationship fic, but I'm open to writing get togethers too. Long fics and involved plots are not my specialty, though. I’m happy to write various kinks or something more vanilla ^^

Pairings and Groups I’d like to receive:
• Hey! Say! JUMP: Takaki/Yabu (Takaki topping please~), Hikaru/Inoo, Yuto/Keito, Yamada/Chinen
• NEWS: Koyama/Tegoshi, Kusano/Shige. In general I want fic about 4-member NEWS; Kusano is the exception. I like Massu but don’t tend to pair him, so I love it if he’s included as a side character!
• KAT-TUN: Nakamaru/Kame, past Kame/ex-member for angst purposes.
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to receive:
• Genres/Situations: I like established or get together or anything in between. Canon fic is my first choice, but I enjoy AUs too - something simple like office or school or even something with a little magic, or a "what if?" situation based on real life. Romance, feelings. Unrequited feelings. Longtime friends, passage of time. Friendship (for example, interaction between the main character and a close friend outside of the main pairing). Trying something new together. Hooking up in the dressing room/backstage/etc. Hanging out outside of work. Marriage/domesticity/adopting kids. Angst if it leads to a happy ending. Involving groupmates is great, and I enjoy side pairings if they're pairings I've listed above! I'm also fond of Arashi and Tackey & Tsubasa if you're familiar with them and want a senpai side character.
• Kinks: kissing, cuddling, hair petting, height difference, phone sex, dirty talk, teasing, blowjobs, voyeurism, exhibitionism, leaving hickeys/bite marks, being cum’d on, fingering, toys, bondage.
Anything you DON’T want to receive?:
• Needles, tattoos, sexual violence/rape, character death, violence/gore/horror, pain play, sex without lube, het or any group members having girlfriends.
• Pairings or side pairings outside of those listed in my "want to read" or "want to write" sections.

Prompt (optional): I’ll come back and edit if I think of one!

Pinch hit?: No, sorry.
Beta read?: I might be too busy when the time comes, but feel free to contact me and check if you need someone!

Anything else? Thank you to the mods for starting this exchange!
leiva21: (Default)

[personal profile] leiva21 2017-05-22 01:48 pm (UTC)(link)
DW Username: leiva21.dreamwidth.org
Username on other SNS (optional, as many as apply): leiva21 on LJ
Archive (optional):
Link to Ho! Summer Rules Compliant fic: https://leiva21.dreamwidth.org/27393.html
Email: leesyamj[at]gmail[dot]com
I verify that I am at least 16 years of age: definitely

Pairings and Groups I’d like to write: [Arashi]Jun-pairs
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to write: I like writing AUs and I hope I don't suck in writing smuts

Pairings and Groups I’d like to receive:
any Jun-pairs in Arashi, Jun/Inoo, Jun/Kame/Yamapi, Jun/Tegoshi, Jun/Toma
Situations, Genres, and Kinks I’d like to receive: Happy ending. I'm mostly open to anything but I prefer AU setting. Cuddling after sex is mostly welcomed. Threesome or more is fine with me
Anything you DON’T want to receive?: Please no heavy kinks, enema, bloodplay, het, death, supernatural (example werewolves, vampires, ghosts), first person POV, rimming, torture

Prompt (optional):
Jun fantasizes having sex with (any member of Arashi) and somehow it turns out real
Jun/Inoo (or Yamada) - where Inoo notices that Jun is more a DoM rather than DoS and he uses his cuteness on Jun to his advantage
Jun/Kame/Yamapi - Where Kame and Yamapi wants to please their senpai/boss (setting might be Jun as the head host/owner in a club)
Jun/Tegoshi - Tegoshi as erotic dancer
Jun/Toma - just pwp
Don't necessarily have to follow the prompts, you can use your own idea (or mix them up) if you have a lot better one, I'm very open XD

Pinch hit?: I'm sorry
Beta read?: I'm sorry too

Anything else? What am I getting myself into?...lols